Discover the best history books, from biographies and military history to riveting accounts of the past’s most fascinating moments

    10 Enlightening Albert Einstein Books

    From intimate biographies to illuminating collections of Einstein’s written works. 

    by Matthew Thompson

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    by The Archive Staff

    20 Biographies of Remarkable Women That You Need to Read

    These fascinating biographies deserve a spot on your must-read list.

    by Audrey Webster

    This Astonishing Book Makes Jane Austen’s World Come to Life

    Voices from the World of Jane Austen will transport you to the turn of the nineteenth century.

    by MacKenzie Stuart

    10 Illuminating Andy Warhol Books

    These books shine a radiant light on the Pop art superstar.

    by Matthew Thompson

    "Villainous Perfidy": Benedict Arnold's Betrayal of George Washington

    James Thomas Flexner examines how Benedict Arnold's defection shaped George Washington's future.

    by Olivia Mason

    11 Books About Abraham Lincoln

    From biographies to a collection of Lincoln’s writings, there’s much more to the 16th president than you might think.

    by Danielle Golds

    A Slave No More: Two Men Who Escaped to Freedom

    In David Blight's book, Wallace Turnage and John Washington recount their harrowing tales of escape from slavery.

    by Audrey Webster

    9 Essential Books About Slavery in America

    These eye-opening books will transport you to the darkest era of American history.

    by MacKenzie Stuart

    11 Best World War I Books

    Delve into the 'War to End All Wars.'

    by Dave Adams

    11 Essential World War II Books That Examine Every Angle of the Conflict

    From the Pacific theater to the coast of France, discover the greatest World War II books.

    by Dave Adams

    10 American Wars, One Book Each

    Revisit 10 major American wars with an illuminating read about each one.

    by Hezra Martinez

    9 Remarkable Books About the Great Depression

    Fascinating stories of courage, corruption, and change emerged from the darkest period of the 20th century.

    by Olivia Mason

    12 Essential Civil War Books

    Explore the history of America's deadliest conflict with gripping fiction and nonfiction.

    by Shannon Raphael

    How Muhammad Ali Became The Greatest: The Rise of a Legend

    Muhammad Ali explores how the legendary boxer transcended the sport through politics, social activism, and his undeniable charm and charisma. 

    by John Freund

    9 Fascinating Vietnam War Books

    From darkly comic war fiction to astute historical analysis and devastating battlefield memoir.

    by Dave Adams

    10 Essential Books About Martin Luther King Jr.

    90 years after his birth, we look back on King's legacy with these 10 vital reads. 

    by Catherine Phelan

    10 Revealing Revolutionary War Books 

    These riveting reads offer fresh insight into America's fight for independence.

    by Matthew Thompson

    The 11 Best Autobiographies To Change Your View of History

    These unbelievable stories stretch beyond the pages of your average history book.

    by Sarah Mangiola

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