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Historical Fiction Book Recommendations

If you want to read something a little more dynamic, historical fiction books can bring the past to life in a whole new way, often without sacrificing historical accuracy. That is to say, they focus on real people, places, and/or events, but reimagined. This genre often gets at the emotions and experiences of people from various historical eras, and humanizes them by allowing us to see from their perspective.

Whether you want to step into the lives of the ancients, discover moving stories set during the Holocaust, or immerse yourself in a novel about royal dynasties, our growing selection of historical fiction recommendations will steer you in the right direction.


9 Enduring Civil War Novels

Traverse the frontlines of fiction. 

My Search for Claude Monet

Guest writer Joe Byrd discusses the inspiration behind his new book.

7 Must-Read Medieval Historical Fiction Novels

Get lost in exciting tales of royalty, knights, warring factions, and more.

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9 Engrossing Alternate History Books

If one detail from the past changed, how would our world look different today?

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Kensington Historical Fiction Sweepstakes Rules

Official rules of the Kensington Historical Fiction giveaway.

ROAR: An Oral Biography of a Fictional Life

Satirist Bruce Wagner has written a provocative new novel.

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Enter for a chance to win two novels and one biography, all centered around this costly conflict.

Crack Open a Heartwarming New Historical Novel Set in 1940s London

The Good Time Girls at War centers around an iconic dance hall.