Explore the lost chapters of the past, from thrilling war stories and enduring mysteries to captivating encounters with historical figures.

    Scientific Analysis Reveals the 10 Best Generals of All Time

    What happens when you apply baseball's sabermetrics to history's greatest generals? Read this list to find out. 

    by Blake Stilwell, We Are the Mighty

    The Man Who Took 42 Nazis Captive With A Longsword

    He didn't get the nickname "Mad Jack" Churchill for nothing. 

    by Logan Nye, We Are the Mighty

    John Basilone: The Marine Hero of Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima

    Basilone's contributions to two of World War II's major battles left a larger-than-life legacy.

    by Robert Walsh

    The True Glory of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment

    An African American volunteer infantry regiment from Massachusetts gave their courage and their lives to protect the Union.

    by John Freund

    A Cinematic Tribute to World War I in They Shall Not Grow Old

    Director Peter Jackson focuses on fragments of World War I through a modern lens.

    by Hezra Martinez

    14 Facts About Black History That You Might Not Know

    Celebrate the African American men and women who made history.

    by Audrey Webster

    12 Best World War II Movies Every History Buff Should Watch

    Some of our best films draw inspiration from the global conflict.

    by Dave Adams

    20 Influential Women in History You Need to Know About

    Their influence and contributions are impossible to ignore.

    by Catherine Phelan

    3 Things Leaders Did In The Name Of Love

    Some men literally move mountains for the women they love. 

    by Ruddy Cano, We Are the Mighty

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