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    From the Gilded Age to the 1950s, these books offer fascinating glimpses into U.S. history.

    by The Archive Staff

    7 Things You Didn’t Know About the Donner Party

    The specter of cannibalism overshadows many other fascinating facts about the emigrants.

    by Dave Adams

    10 Best Military Books, According to War Correspondent and Bestselling Author Damien Lewis

    War correspondent and bestselling author Damien Lewis reveals the best military books that evolved his thinking and writing on the subject of war.

    by Damien Lewis

    10 Revealing Revolutionary War Books 

    These riveting reads offer fresh insight into America's fight for independence.

    by Matthew Thompson

    One Pilot, Two World Wars, And The Killing of King Kong

    Merian C. Cooper's spirit of adventure led him into two World Wars and Hollywood alike.

    by Logan Nye, We Are the Mighty

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