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Crack Open a Heartwarming New Historical Novel Set in 1940s London

The Good Time Girls at War centers around an iconic dance hall.

the good time girls at war

World War II was the most destructive conflict in human history, and people all over the globe felt its effects—from losing loved ones and neighbors, to mass displacement, to the crippling economic impact, and more. Among all the carnage and chaos emerged remarkable human stories of heroes and everyday people alike. Historical fiction set during World War II is especially gripping for its ability to dig into the experiences of people both real and imagined during this tumultuous era. 

The Good Time Girls at War by Fiona Ford is a compelling new novel that takes place in 1940, at London’s Hammersmith Palais de Danse. The palais was a real-life dance hall and entertainment venue that was in operation from 1919 until 2007. Londoners would gather at the revered cultural institution for a night of live music and dancing to forget about their troubles, even during dark times like the Blitz. Ford is the author of the Liberty Girls series, which is also set in London during the Second World War. This new series was inspired by Ford’s mother, who was once a dancer at the palais and shared stories of her career with her daughter.

The Good Time Girls at War introduces four young women who are employed at the palais on the eve of the Blitz. Violet Millington is seeking to leave her troubled home life behind in exchange for a fresh start at the palais, and doesn’t expect a new friendship with her coworkers to flourish. There’s Nancy, the boisterous American; redhead Renee, who’s the envy of all the other dancers; and Temperance, who has high ambitions—and enemies who want to thwart her dreams.

Keeping spirits up is one way to help the war effort from the home front, a duty that all four take seriously. With devastating events brewing on the horizon, the show must go on—and the friends must find the inner strength to persevere through troubling developments in both their personal lives and the world at large. 

With elements of drama, romance, and even mystery, The Good Time Girls at War is a sweeping new saga that’s sure to delight historical fiction readers. Get your hands on it today so you can devour it just in time for the sequel, The Good Time Girls at Christmas, available now.

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