Recharge with 10 Books About Inspirational People

These stories will remind yourself that the world changes when one person steps up.

collage: books about inspiring people in history
Buy The World As I See It at Amazon

The World As I See It

By Albert Einstein

Buy MLK: An American Legacy at Amazon

MLK: An American Legacy

By David J. Garrow

Buy The Legacy of Anne Frank at Amazon

The Legacy of Anne Frank

By Gillian Walnes Perry

Buy I Am Malala at Amazon

I Am Malala

By Malala Yousafzai

Buy Long Walk to Freedom at Amazon

Long Walk to Freedom

By Nelson Mandela

Buy Eighty Days at Amazon

Eighty Days

By Matthew Goodman

Buy Vaccinated at Amazon


By Paul A. Offit

Buy Obsessive Genius at Amazon

Obsessive Genius

By Barbara Goldsmith

Buy Wilma Unlimited at Amazon

Wilma Unlimited

By Kathleen Krull and David Diaz