The True Glory of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment

    An African American volunteer infantry regiment from Massachusetts gave their courage and their lives to protect the Union.

    by John Freund

    12 Essential Civil War Books

    Explore the history of America's deadliest conflict with gripping fiction and nonfiction.

    by Shannon Raphael

    9 Best Civil War Movies

    These gripping films illuminate one of American history's darkest chapters.

    by Dave Adams

    Ulysses S. Grant: The Man Who Secured the Union’s Victory in the Civil War

    Grant Moves South explores the legendary general’s pivotal successes and military strategies.

    by Allison Wild

    When Civil War Musicians Served as Battlefield Medics

    The life of a Civil War regimental band member wasn't all treble clefs and drumsticks.

    by Logan Nye, We Are the Mighty

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