19 Essential Civil War Books

Explore the history of America's deadliest conflict with gripping fiction and nonfiction.

civil war books


Buy Dee Brown on the Civil War at Amazon

Dee Brown on the Civil War

By Dee Brown

Buy The Confederacy's Last Hurrah at Amazon

The Confederacy's Last Hurrah

By Wiley Sword

Buy Mr. Lincoln's Army at Amazon

Mr. Lincoln's Army

By Bruce Catton

Buy Lincoln Reconsidered at Amazon

Lincoln Reconsidered

By David Herbert Donald

Buy Sherman's March at Amazon

Sherman's March

By Burke Davis

Buy Shrouds of Glory at Amazon

Shrouds of Glory

By Winston Groom

Buy "The Devil's to Pay" at Amazon

"The Devil's to Pay"

By Eric J. Wittenberg


Battle Cry of Freedom

By James. M. McPherson


The Civil War: A Narrative

By Shelby Foote


Mary Chesnut's Diary

By Mary Chesnut


For Cause and Comrades

By James M. McPherson


Buy The Black Flower at Amazon

The Black Flower

By Howard Bahr

Buy The North and South Trilogy at Amazon

The North and South Trilogy

By John Jakes

Buy Murder at Manassas at Amazon

Murder at Manassas

By Michael Kilian


Cold Mountain

By Charles Frazier


The Killer Angels

By Michael Shaara


Cain at Gettysburg

By Ralph Peters


Gone with the Wind

By Margaret Mitchell

Buy Confederates at Amazon


By Thomas Keneally