2020’s Best Biographies Spanned Centuries and Explored Vital Figures

This year's finest biographies brought fresh insight to previously trodden lives and uncovered those that history has forgotten.

best biographies 2020
Buy You Never Forget Your First at Amazon

You Never Forget Your First

By Alexis Coe

Buy His Truth Is Marching On at Amazon

His Truth Is Marching On

By Jon Mecham

Buy Yellow Bird at Amazon

Yellow Bird

By Sierra Crane Murdoch

Buy Paper Bullets at Amazon

Paper Bullets

By Jeffrey H. Jackson

Buy The Zealot and the Emancipator at Amazon

The Zealot and the Emancipator

By H.W. Brands

Buy Philip and Alexander at Amazon

Philip and Alexander

By Adrian Goldsworthy

Buy The Saddest Words at Amazon

The Saddest Words

By Michael Gorra

Buy God's Shadow at Amazon

God's Shadow

By Alan Mikhail

Buy Lady Romeo at Amazon

Lady Romeo

By Tana Wojczuk

Buy An Unconventional Wife at Amazon

An Unconventional Wife

By Mary Hoban

Buy The Other Madisons at Amazon

The Other Madisons

By Bettye Kearse

Buy An Unladylike Profession at Amazon

An Unladylike Profession

By Chris Dobbs

Buy The Price of Peace at Amazon

The Price of Peace

By Zachary D. Carter