Thrilling Military Must-Reads That Cover Historical and Modern Conflict

These military books will take you back to some of the most thrilling combat zones throughout history.

military books
  • Photo Credit: Diego González / Unsplash
Buy Alpha One Sixteen at Amazon

Alpha One Sixteen

By Peter Clark

Buy Six Minutes To Freedom at Amazon

Six Minutes To Freedom

By Kurt Muse and John Gilstrap

Buy Worth Fighting For at Amazon

Worth Fighting For

By Rory Fanning

Buy Boy on the Bridge at Amazon

Boy on the Bridge

By Andrew Marble

Buy Contact Wounds at Amazon

Contact Wounds

By Jonathan Kaplan

Buy Barrel of a Gun at Amazon

Barrel of a Gun

By Al J. Venter

Buy Black Patriots and Loyalists at Amazon

Black Patriots and Loyalists

By Alan Gilbert

Buy Belly of the Beast at Amazon

Belly of the Beast

By Judith L. Pearson

Buy The Things They Cannot Say at Amazon

The Things They Cannot Say

By Kevin Sites

Buy I, Who Did Not Die at Amazon

I, Who Did Not Die

By Zahed Haftlang, Najah Aboud, Meredith May

Buy Whatever It Took at Amazon

Whatever It Took

By Henry Langrehr, Jim DeFelice