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World War I Articles

World War I was initially known as “the war to end all wars”. Alas, it would prove a misnomer. In its wake, empires were dissolved, new states were created, and fractured political relations persisted. As brutal as this war was, its outcome led to further instability that heralded the arrival of the Second World War, and it’s sometimes overshadowed by the more devastating conflict that was to come. However, WWI is an engrossing topic in its own right.

Consider the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, the heir presumptive to the throne of Austria-Hungary. How did the death of a man set to inherit an empire that no longer exists today set in motion a global conflict that would draw in numerous other nations and lead to millions of deaths?

Or ponder the WWI record of Harry Truman. Legally blind in one eye and initially turned away from a military career, Truman would not only go on to enlist, but jumpstart a political career and lead the US as president and commander in chief during WWII. Would the world be the same if it weren’t for his wartime experience?

Beyond the well-known figures, our World War I stories will help you discover new heroes, like the Harlem Hellfighters, an all-Black regiment, and Edith Cavell, a nurse who risked her life on the battlefield. 

Nonfiction and historical fiction books alike bring a vividness to the trenches. If you’re in the mood to watch history unfold on screen, why not explore the best WWI films? We’ve got everything you need to explore every angle of this devastating global conflict.


Schoolteacher Louise Thuliez Became a Key Resistance Fighter in 2 World Wars

Driven to help, Louise Thuliez aided underground networks in France despite facing an all-too-real threat of execution.

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These military books will take you back to some of the most thrilling combat zones throughout history.

A Canadian Officer Rescued the Real Winnie-the-Pooh

The beloved children’s book character was based on a real-life black bear cub.

WWI Nurse Edith Cavell Sacrificed Her Life to Save Hundreds of Soldiers

On October 12, 1915, Cavell was executed for her part in helping over 200 Allied soldiers escape Belgium.

Walter Lord is the Pop Historian All History Lovers Should Read

Lord’s unique combination of historical insight and readability make him the perfect writer for historians of all backgrounds.

The Incredible Story of the Harlem Hellfighters, WWI's Staunch Infantry Heroes

The men who were the Harlem Hellfighters were brave, courageous, and true.

The Battle of Aqaba—and T.E. Lawrence—Shaped the Future of the Middle East

Neil Faulkner explores how a historian's insight impacted the development of the Middle East, in Lawrence of Arabia's War.

The Battle of Belleau Wood was One of WWI's Most Important, Forgotten Battles

The US Marines’ greatest stand came in the final months of World War I.

Our Forgotten Heroes: Why Don’t We Talk About World War I?

Remember the sacrifices service members made—both during and after World War I.

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The shores of Dunkirk and the Korean countryside await...

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These books examine the burdens of battle, from the Revolutionary War to modern day Iraq.

How Western Union Helped The U.S. Enter World War I

An intercepted telegram provided a reason for President Wilson to join the effort.

Alvin York Was One of WWI’s Most Decorated Soldiers

This man went from an unwilling, pacifist draftee to Sergeant York, military hero and legend.

The Women Who Volunteered to Make Doughnuts on the Front Lines of World War I

The Doughnut Girls of World War I delivered a taste of home when it was needed most, boosting morale and the popularity of the Salvation Army.