20 Influential Women in History You Need to Know About

    Their influence and contributions are impossible to ignore.

    by Catherine Phelan

    The Tumultuous Life of Mary, Queen of Scots

    Take a detailed look at the life of a ruler who inherited the throne when she was just six days old.

    by Audrey Webster

    The Untold Story of Kate Warne, America's First Female Private Eye

    When Kate Warne marched into Allan Pinkerton's office, he couldn't have imagined all she would achieve as his agent.

    by Robert Walsh

    Night Witches: The Fierce, All-Female Soviet Fighter Pilots of WWII

    They flew their first mission in June 1942—and quickly developed a reputation for deadly precision.

    by Dave Adams

    Discover Emma Goldman's Life of Anarchy in To the Barricades

    Goldman was a revolutionary from the start – but her life ended in exile.

    by Shannon Raphael

    Ruth Gruber: The Making of a Trailblazing Female Correspondent

    In Ahead of Time, Gruber reflects on the early years of her career, including the assignment that took her back to 1930s Germany.

    by Olivia Mason

    The Midnight Ride of Sybil Ludington

    The sixteen-year-old raced through the night to warn fellow colonists of approaching British forces.

    by Audrey Webster

    Nancy Wake: The Fearless Resistance Fighter Who Led Over 7,000 Soldiers Against the Nazis

    “Somebody once asked me ‘Have you ever been afraid?’ Hah! I’ve never been afraid in my life.”

    by Robert Walsh

    7 Female Pirates You Might Not Know About

    They may not be household names, but these swashbuckling female pirates left their mark on history.

    by Audrey Webster

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    by The Archive Staff

    10 Female Scientists Who Shaped Our Understanding of the World

    From the smallest atoms to the biggest adventures in space, these women used their scientific knowledge to change the world.

    by Audrey Webster

    6 Incredible Female Spies of World War II

    These women risked their lives to assist the Allies' cause in World War II.

    by Robert Walsh

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