"Villainous Perfidy": Benedict Arnold's Betrayal of George Washington

    James Thomas Flexner examines how Benedict Arnold's defection shaped George Washington's future.

    by Olivia Mason

    A Slave No More: Two Men Who Escaped to Freedom

    In David Blight's book, Wallace Turnage and John Washington recount their harrowing tales of escape from slavery.

    by Audrey Webster

    The Tumultuous Life of Mary, Queen of Scots

    Take a detailed look at the life of a ruler who inherited the throne when she was just six days old.

    by Audrey Webster

    Pioneering Aviatrix Beryl Markham Flies "West with the Night"

    The famous female pilot describes her record-breaking westbound flight in her bestselling memoir.

    by Olivia Mason

    Black Tuesday: The Stock Market Crash That Led to the Great Depression

    The Day the Bubble Burst examines one of the greatest financial disasters—the 1929 stock market crash—through the eyes of those involved.

    by Olivia Mason

    Escape from Holzminden: The Greatest POW Camp Break of WWI

    Neal Bascomb tells the Allied pilots’ little-known story in his new book, The Escape Artists.

    by Sarah Mangiola

    A Night to Remember: The Tragic Story of the RMS Titanic

    The sinking of the “unsinkable” RMS Titanic was one of the deadliest maritime disasters of the 20th century.

    by Allison Wild

    Fly Girls: The Daring Women Who Competed in Airplane Races During the Early 1900s 

    Amelia Earhart, Ruth Elder, and Louise Thaden were among the incredible women who fought for a chance to race against men…and won. 

    by Sarah Mangiola

    “The Banality of Evil”: The Take-Down of Holocaust Mastermind Adolf Eichmann

    Secret agent Peter Malkin opens up about the capture that inspired the film Operation Finale.

    by Olivia Mason

    Alfred Hitchcock, Psycho—and That Famous Shower Scene

    Screenwriter and journalist Stephen Rebello unpacks the controversies surrounding the iconic film.

    by Shannon Raphael

    The Deadly Collision Between SS Andrea Doria and MS Stockholm

    Like the sinking of the RMS Titanic, the 1956 shipwreck was one of the worst maritime disasters of the 20th century. 

    by Shannon Raphael

    Anne Frank and Her Life in the Secret Annex

    A book published by the Anne Frank House profiles the Secret Annex—the Frank family's two-year hideout—and the famous diarist's life inside.

    by Olivia Mason

    The Night Robert F. Kennedy Died 

    The year 1968 was marked by turbulence in America. 

    by Sarah Mangiola

    More Than a Scientist: The Lesser-Known Life of Sir Isaac Newton

    Taking the post of Warden of His Majesty’s Mint in 17th-century London, Newton came face-to-face with seedy criminals. 

    by Audrey Webster

    Battle of Ia Drang: The United States Army’s Brutal Entry into the Vietnam War 

    The 1965 battle marked the first major conflict between the United States Army and the North Vietnamese Army during the Vietnam War.

    by Sarah Mangiola

    An Essential Voice from the Sixties: Remembering Richard N. Goodwin

    The speechwriter and top presidential adviser was a driving political force during one of America's most turbulent eras. 

    by Matthew Thompson

    Ruth Gruber: The Making of a Trailblazing Female Correspondent

    In Ahead of Time, Gruber reflects on the early years of her career, including the assignment that took her back to 1930s Germany.

    by Olivia Mason

    The Unbelievable Lives of Pilots Jessie Miller and Bill Lancaster

    The pair’s spectacular accomplishments and whirlwind romance will forever be marked by a shocking scandal.

    by Sarah Mangiola

    The Korean War Serves as a Cautious Reminder for the Future 

    North and South Korea's recent agreement has us looking back at the past.

    by Abbey White

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