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Nazi Germany Stories

A dark time in global history, the Nazi regime is a uniquely fascinating event. How did someone as evil as Adolf Hitler come into so much power? And how did he get away with it for so long? We're covering the events that led up to the Nazi party coming into power, the planning and implementation of the Holocaust, politcal unrest, what everyday life was like for the people of Germany, and the regime's effects on the world at large.


The Insidious Aims of the Nazis' Operation Bernhard

They had a secret plan to forge British bank notes.

Books Like Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer 

The story of the father of the atomic bomb is coming to the silver screen.

6 Books Written by Holocaust Survivors 

Their reflections on the tragedy are indispensable.

Explore the 20th Century Through Martin Gilbert's Best Books

The prolific author and historian was a leading expert on Nazi Germany and other momentous events.

Roger Moorhouse Reveals Secrets of Everyday Objects in Nazi Germany

We sat down for an interview with the author of The History of the Third Reich in 100 Objects.

An Awful Car Killed More Nazi Generals Than World War II

The car of the future was also the downfall of many a high-ranking Nazi.