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Jessica Evans, We Are the Mighty

The Startling History of Project Iceworm

Did you know the US tried to hide nuclear weapons under the Greenland ice sheet?

The First Woman to Receive Both the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star

Cordelia E. Cook paved the way for female service members.

The Secret Cold War Mission That Helped America Find The Titanic

The top-secret mission kept the discovery hidden away for years.

Queens, New York is Home to a Hidden Civil War Fort

Originally designed to defend the East River, Fort Totten is now open to the public.

A Navy of Privately Owned Ships Helped Win the American Revolution

The fleet posed an unexpected threat to the might of the British Navy.

Army Engineers Saw a Need in WWII. One Iconic Vehicle was Created to Fill It

Jeeps come by their rugged reputation honestly—after all, they were created to assist troops in WWII.