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5 Fun History Board Games That Give Us A Closer Look At the Past

Have a blast in the past.

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Are you sick of being stuck inside during quarantine? Wishing you could go back to the good old days of simpler times? Take a walk through time with these history board games perfect for these self-isolating nights in. Grab your family or your roommates and whip out that trivia knowledge and keen military strategy—you’ve got history to make.


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This 2-8 player card-based trivia game is a must-play for any history buff. With 480 cards, the wealth of questions span a variety of topics. With obscure questions like, “Phoenicians, sent by an Egyptian pharaoh, circumnavigate the continent of Africa in this year,” you don’t have to be on the nose with every guess. The year you pick just has to be closer than your opponents!

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Axis and Allies

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With over 600 game pieces, this 2-6 player game has around 6 hours of play time. Strategists and war buffs alike will fall in love with this immersive game, as players attempt to capture the most critical enemy territory during World War II. Play as forces inside of Germany, Japan, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States—or China and Italy, if you purchase the anniversary edition!

History of the World

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History nerds will rejoice with this in-depth 3-6 player game. Players build empires across several different eras, trying to inspire and command great military forces. But beware, though you may play through the soaring heights of empires, you will also experience the catastrophic falls. From the very beginnings of civilization to the 20th century, work your way through technological advancements and make your mark on history.

The Oregon Trail

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In this simple card-based game, players work cooperatively to try and survive their journey along the Oregon Trail. Players face a lack of supplies, rattlesnakes, and other bad odds—but only one person needs to make it from Independence, MO to the Willamette Valley for the group to win. With charming 8-bit art that harkens back to the original video game, this game brings fun and humor to an iconic part of history. Beware of dysentery!

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Founding Fathers

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Here, 3-5 players step into the shoes of iconic historical delegates working their hardest to shape America’s government. With card-driven play, players begin at the creation of the nation, acting as statesmen serving President Washington as they navigate the crises of war, debts, and tumultuous politics. Play through the period of Abraham Lincoln, and see how your efforts affect the presidential elections that trigger every four years. Shape history and build a new world upon the frame of our past!


Civilization VI

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While this isn’t a board game, this multi-platform video game shouldn’t be discounted for its historical fun! Players choose an ancient nation and guide them from the beginnings of civilization up through the space age. Use strategy to become a wise and great ruler in an intricately detailed world. With your military might across air, land, and sea, your civilization will grow through technology and empirical expansion. You can even play with people you don't currently live with via your computer or certain consoles (Switch, PS4, or Xbox One).

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