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15 Father's Day Gifts for Every History-Lovin' Dad

Whether you're treating your father or yourself, these history gifts will please for years to come.

Father's Day gifts for history buffs, man browses book stack
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  • Photo Credit: Clem Onojeghuo / Unsplash

Leaders rise, leaders fall, the seasons cycle, and Father's Day is once again just around the corner. For those of you whose dads love ancient history, it probably gets annoying that they keep reminding you of all the times in the past you didn't get a good enough present. While the other trends of time keep trending, you can break the repetition of history this year by choosing one of the many gifts below, perfect for any history buff dad. 

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Boston Tea Party Tea Sampler

Boston Tea Party 6 Pack Sampler

We may think of coffee as the classic caffeinated American beverage, and even a sip of tea would be like spitting in the face of the Founding Fathers. But the two drinks have incredibly important histories in both America and Britain. Have a chat about it with Pop while savoring these six historic teas brewed like those that were thrown ceremoniously overboard centuries ago in Boston Harbor.

Henry VIII Coffee Mug

Henry VIII Disappearing Wives Coffee Mug

Being married to Henry VIII was the definition of being in hot water. In this charmingly macabre mug, just add that hot water to discover the fates of each of Henry's six wives. Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived to sip another cup of tea.

Julius Caesar Pen and Pencil Holder

Julius Ceasar Assassination Pencil Holder

Pro: Loaning out fresh pens and pencils will be ancient history. Con: Hearing "Et tu, Brute?" every few hours while Dad works from home. 

Chronology - The Game Where You Make History

Chronology Card Game 20th Anniversary Edition

Test your history knowledge against your old man's! Build your timelines card by card, seeing if the modern education system can hold up against lived experience. 

Father's Day gifts for history buffs

People's History of Sports in the United States

By Dave Zirin

Written by sportswriting superstar Dave Zirin, this book covers the players, games, and controversies that shaped not just the rules of their relevant sport, but the politics of the country as well. This book shows how it's never just a mere game, from Native Americans creating lacrosse to Muhammad Ali's principled stands.

Father's Day gifts for history buffs

Battles that Changed History

By Smithsonian Institution

This illustrated guide explores military history from ancient battles to the American Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Cold War, and more. Great for the dad that enjoys going to reenactments.

John Adams

John Adams Blu-ray dvd

This HBO series follows the second president of the United States, starring Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney. While John Adams has been eclipsed in history by his more prominent contemporaries, the series does a great job showing how subtle leaders can be just as loud. A great Blu-ray deal makes it easy to spoil dad this year, whether he's watched the HBO classic before or is newly finding time to dig in.

"Crap, That's Due Tomorrow?" Thomas Jefferson T-Shirt

Thomas Jefferson Funny Quote T-Shirt

We've all been in that position: a paper or report is due that will determine our final grade or how well our company does this quarter. It's good to know we can relate to a founder of our own country, and this shirt will definitely bring a laugh. 

Father's Day gifts for history buffs

Timelines of History

By Smithsonian Institution

Beginning with the emergence of our earliest ancestors to the most modern cultures of the world, it can be difficult to contextualize the nitty-gritty in the big picture. Give your dad the gift of detailed accounts alongside broad narratives, ensuring there will always be something entertaining for him to read.

"Don't Make Me Repeat Myself" T-Shirt

Don't Make Me Repeat Myself History Quote T-Shirt

A quote you've probably heard from the very man you're planning to give this shirt to, the irony won't be lost. Humorous on many levels, you may even start a tally to see how many times Dad repeats this phrase. 

Dueling Shots (Glasses) Hamilton and Burr

Hamilton and Burr Dueling Shot Glasses

If your dad happens to be a Broadway fan in addition to a history buff, then these dueling shot glasses representing Burr vs. Hamilton will have twice the impact. Try to keep track of who drank first!

Father's Day gifts for history buffs

History of the World Map by Map

By Smithsonian Institution

For the kids who have a more visual learner for a parent, this book puts the major events of our world into physical context. Beware of the next vacation they suggest: Dad will probably bring this book along and explore the listed sites.

Father's Day gifts for history buffs

Sapiens/Homo Deus

By Yuval Noah Harari

For the history buff that is interested in the implications for our future, this box set of Yuval Noah Harari's Sapiens and Homo Deus look all the way back to the humble origins of humanity, and far forward to the pinnacle of our potential.

United States Constitution Whiskey Glasses

United States Constitution Whiskey Glasses

For the father who enjoys savoring sips, these whiskey glasses combine history with decadence. With the United States Constitution wrapping around this pair of whiskey glasses, this gift personifies an appreciation for the important documents in history (and for a much-needed drink!)

Audiobiography Audiobook

Autobiography Audiobook- A Self-Guided Journal for Family History

Something a little more personal: give your dad the chance to write down his own history so that you'll always be able to know the important things. He can even record the stories on the app to publish online for easy access as an audiobook. Keep your family's history with you no matter where you go.

Featured photo: Clem Onojeghuo / Unsplash