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One War Ends, Another Soldiers On: V-E Day 75 Years Later

Continents continued to shift and war went on even as people around the world celebrated.

Londonites celebrate V-E Day, after V-E Day
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  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Europe after V-E Day

The Pacific Theater after V-E Day

Sikh soldiers during the Burma campaign, WWII after VE Day
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  • Sikh soldiers in the Ngakyeduak Pass in 1944.

    Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Navy carrier in the Pacific, WWII after VE Day
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  • A US Navy Carrier in the Philippine Sea, November 1944.

    Photo Credit: Harley Flowers / Flickr (CC)

The Manhattan Project

Women at work, WWII after VE day
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  • Women at work for the Manhattan Project.

    Photo Credit: Manhattan Project National Historical Park / Flickr (CC)
WWII after VE day, Nagasaki temple in rubbles
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  • A Nagasaki temple, leveled by the "Fat Man".

    Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Returning to Normalcy in the United States

Changing Tides in Europe and Asia

Germany, after WWII: Children wave at a supply plane
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  • A plane flies overhead West Berlin in 1948 as part of Operation Vittles.

    Photo Credit: US Air Force