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Historical Home Office Decor for Every Kind of History Buff

Make your home office part of history.

Leather bound books sit on a desk in front of bookshelves.
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  • Photo Credit: Prateek Katyal / Unsplash

For those of us lucky enough to stay at home through our social-distancing era, the urge to make the four walls you stare at day in and day out just a little different can be nearly impossible to ignore. With that in mind, we’ve collected a few items that’ll brighten up your home office—whether that office has its own room or is a corner in your bedroom or even the kitchen table.

Lincoln Figurine

Brass statue of Lincoln standing in front of chair

This beautiful bronze figurine will brighten up any US history buff’s desk. President Lincoln’s thoughtful visage may even spark a few new thoughts of your own.

American Flag Pen Holder

Penholder decorated with American flag

Whether you use it for pens, correspondence or to corral all your charging cords, this American flag pen holder is a treat for any patriotic office.

Crusader Bookends

Two Knights lean against bookends

Help your bookshelf show off your interests with these knight bookends. The perfect gift for any Christian history nerd or medieval history obsessive, these knights will guard your books as fiercely as they did the Christian faith.

Baseball Art Prints

Six baseball patent art prints

These prints combine two key Dad interests in one—history and baseball. These patent applications are reimagined as artwork for a set of prints that will tie any space together beautifully.

Black Leaders Art Prints

Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King prints

Not into baseball? Try these inspiring prints of vital African American leaders. With Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King, Jr. looking down on your work, you’ll be sure to rise to any occasion.

Presidential Slogans Mug

A mug covered with presidential slogans sits on a desk

29 famous—and sometimes infamous—presidential slogans decorate this mug. With presidents from both ends of the political spectrum and all eras of American history, it’s the perfect mug for any presidential historian

Letters of Note book cover

Letters of Note

By Shaun Usher

Started maintaining correspondence during the pandemic to ward off boredom or to save the Post Office? This collection of letters will inspire your own epistolary efforts. The gorgeous hardcover version comes with facsimiles of the original letters as well as transcriptions. 

Vintage Travel postcards

A variety of travel postcards featuring vintage travel posters

Ready to put your inspiration to the test? Send your fellow armchair historians a note with these delightful vintage travel postcards. Even if you can’t travel right now, these postcards will show you new areas of the world.

Bad Girls Throughout History Postcards

Postcards featuring various women from history

History doesn’t have to be so straight-laced—and you can show off your lighter side with these “Bad Girls” of history. Sure to charm any history-loving teens in your life, shoot off a quick note with Elizabeth I or Ching Shih looking down on you.

Native American Indian Tribal Map

A map of the US showing Native American tribal boundaries

This beautifully designed map will remind you that there’s always another historical story behind our most commonly accepted iconography. Long before the fifty states became united, there were complex social and geographical boundaries in place between the many Native nations that made their homes across the North American continent.

Egyptian Throw Pillow Covers

Pillow covering featuring ancient Egyptian art

Your chair may be ancient, but it doesn’t need to be uncomfortable with these Egyptian throw pillow covers. You’ll be far more comfortable than a pharaoh with them in your life.

The Buck Stops Here Desk Sign

Desk sign with words "The buck stops here!"

You don’t have to be from Missouri to follow in Truman’s footsteps. Remind all who enter—and yourself!—that the buck stops with you.

Feature photo: Prateek Katyal / Unsplash