10 Books to Read for Earth Day

Celebrate the beauty of the planet we call home.

  • Photo Credit: Noah Buscher / Unsplash
Buy A Conservationist Manifesto at Amazon

A Conservationist Manifesto

By Scott Russell Sanders

Buy The Sea Around Us at Amazon

The Sea Around Us

By Rachel Carson

Buy A Book of Bees at Amazon

A Book of Bees

By Sue Hubbell

Buy Antarctica at Amazon


By Gabrielle Walker

Buy The Great Derangement at Amazon

The Great Derangement

By Amitav Ghosh

Buy Astonishing Animals at Amazon

Astonishing Animals

By Tim Flannery and Peter Schouten

Buy Desert Solitaire at Amazon

Desert Solitaire

By Edward Abbey

Buy Feral at Amazon


By George Monbiot

Buy The Man Who Climbs Trees at Amazon

The Man Who Climbs Trees

By James Aldred

Buy Patterns in Nature at Amazon

Patterns in Nature

By Philip Ball