11 Absorbing Novels You'd Never Guess Were Historically Accurate

These historical fiction novels don't sacrifice accuracy for style or verve.

A large book lays open in front of a blurred background; accurate historical fiction novels
  • Photo Credit: Aaron Burden / Unsplash
Buy The Chaneysville Incident at Amazon

The Chaneysville Incident

By David Bradley

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Creek Mary's Blood

By Dee Brown

Buy Fire from Heaven at Amazon

Fire from Heaven

By Mary Renault

Buy Promised to the Crown at Amazon

Promised to the Crown

By Aimie K. Runyan

Buy Harry Gold at Amazon

Harry Gold

By Millicent Dillon

Buy Lady Magdalen at Amazon

Lady Magdalen

By Robin Jenkins

Buy Orhan's Inheritance at Amazon

Orhan's Inheritance

By Aline Ohanesian

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Margaret the First

By Danielle Dutton

Half of a Yellow Sun, accurate historical fiction novels

Half of a Yellow Sun

By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie