Explore New Angles of WWII with 13 Novels That Focus on Untold Stories

These less widely read World War II stories offer readers a meaningful and moving look into the global conflict.

P-40s on the flight line of the Pacific
  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Buy A Meal in Winter at Amazon

A Meal in Winter

By Hubert Mingarelli

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Gone to Soldiers

By Marge Piercy

Buy After the Fall at Amazon

After the Fall

By Lisa Bingham

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The Saboteur

By Andrew Gross

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Warning of War

By James Brady

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Daughters of the Night Sky

By Aimie K. Runyan

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The House of Dreams

By Kate Lord Brown

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To Die In Spring

By Ralf Rothmann

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The Secret of Raven Point

By Jennifer Vanderbes

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Two Sons of China

By Andrew Lam

Buy Grass for My Pillow at Amazon

Grass for My Pillow

By Saiichi Maruya

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The Kitchen God’s Wife

By Amy Tan