Explore the Dazzling History of Film With 9 Illuminating Books

Dive into the world of cinema, where art and technology meet.

history of film books
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Buy Mary Pickford at Amazon

Mary Pickford

By Christel Schmidt

Buy We'll Always Have the Movies at Amazon

We'll Always Have the Movies

By Robert L. McLaughlin and Sally E. Parry

Buy Film's First Family at Amazon

Film's First Family

By Terry Chester Shulman

Buy Charles Walters at Amazon

Charles Walters

By Brent Phillips

Buy Backwards & In Heels at Amazon

Backwards & In Heels

By Alicia Malone

Buy The Immortal Count at Amazon

The Immortal Count

By Arthur Lennig

Buy The Films in My Life at Amazon

The Films in My Life

By François Truffaut

history of film books

Bright Boulevards, Bold Dreams

By Donald Bogle

history of film books

Five Came Back

By Mark Harris