How the Pinkerton Detectives Took Down Chicago Grave Robbers in 1857

The infamous agency got its start protecting corpses from professional body snatchers.

allan pinkerton chicago grave robbers
  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons
allan pinkerton
  • Allan Pinkerton, the founder and head of the North-Western Police Agency, 1860.Photo Credit: Author's Collection
chicago grave robbers
  • Map of the cemetaryPhoto Credit: David Rumsey Map Collection
chicago grave robbers path
  • The black line follows the grave robbers’ path from the cemetery to where their buggy was stopped.Photo Credit: David Rumsey Map Collection
chicago court house
  • Photo Credit: Chicago Public Library, Special Collections and Preservation Division, CCW 1.118.
rush medical college
  • Photo Credit: Reprint from Andreas, A. T., History of Chicago, From the Earliest Period to the Present Time, Volume 1. Chicago: A. T. Andreas, Publisher, 1884