Explore China's Rich History with These Books

Nine books illuminate China's rich history from its ancient roots to the modern People's Republic of China.

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china from empire to nation state wang hui

China From Empire to Nation-State

By Wang Hui

Buy Rise of the Tang Dynasty at Amazon

Rise of the Tang Dynasty

By Julian Romane

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The Great Wall

By Julia Lovell

the age of confucian rule dieter kuhn

The Age of Confucian Rule

By Dieter Kuhn

the scramble for china robert bickers

The Scramble for China

By Robert Bickers

what is china ge zhaoguang

What Is China?

By Ge Zhaoguang

Buy China Only Yesterday, 1850–1950 at Amazon

China Only Yesterday, 1850–1950

By Emily Hahn

red star over china edgar snow

Red Star over China

By Edgar Snow

chinas twentieth century wang hui

China's Twentieth Century

By Wang Hui