Blake Stilwell, We Are the Mighty

    Blake Stilwell is a writer for We Are the Mighty, a site by and for veterans.

    Scientific Analysis Reveals the 10 Best Generals of All Time

    What happens when you apply baseball's sabermetrics to history's greatest generals? Read this list to find out. 

    6 Reasons the Union Won the American Civil War

    Here's how Billy Yank ultimately defeated Johnny Reb.

    The British Soldier Who Escaped from Dunkirk by Stealing a Car

    James May and six of his fellow soldiers were left behind on the dangerous beaches of Dunkirk.

    A Missing Tuskegee Airman's Remains Were Identified After 74 Years

    Captain Lawrence Dickson was just 24 when his red-tailed P-51 Mustang fighter was downed in 1944. 

    Peter Conover Hains: The Civil War Veteran Who Served All the Way up to WWI

    He retired in 1904—but the Army wasn't done with him. 

    The Earliest-Born American to Be Photographed Is Also a Veteran

    In 1852, at age 103, Revolutionary War veteran Conrad Heyer sat down to have his picture taken. 

    George Washington Was Nearly Impossible to Kill

    Diseases, brutal weather, and enemy fire all failed to take him down.

    That Time a WWII Bomber Pilot Climbed Onto the Wing Mid-Flight to Save His Crew

    His crew tied a rope around his chest and he made his way onto the wing to extinguish the blaze.

    Moe Berg: The Boston Red Sox Catcher Who May Have Changed the Course of World War II

    The third-string catcher secretly served as a spy for American intelligence during WWII...

    This Hard-Luck WWII Soldier Survived the Bataan Death March, Torture, and the Atomic Bomb

    His captivity began with the infamous Bataan Death March and only ended with the surrender of Japan.

    5 Dramatic WWII POW Escape Attempts—All By the Same Pilot

    His exploits as an escapee may have earned him a spot in Hollywood lore.

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