12 Best World War II Movies Every History Buff Should Watch

    Some of our best films draw inspiration from the global conflict.

    by Dave Adams

    11 Essential World War II Books That Examine Every Angle of the Conflict

    From the Pacific theater to the coast of France, discover the greatest World War II books.

    by Dave Adams

    The British Soldier Who Escaped from Dunkirk by Stealing a Car

    James May and six of his fellow soldiers were left behind on the dangerous beaches of Dunkirk.

    by Blake Stilwell, We Are the Mighty

    Shanghai 1937: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the New Documentary

    Inspired by Peter Harmsen’s New York Times-bestselling book, the new documentary looks at the beginning of World War II in China.

    by Bill Einreinhofer

    The Last American Troop Killed in WWII Died After the War Ended

    Tragically, one last American life was lost between the announcement of Japan's surrender and the signing of the document.

    by Tim Kirkpatrick, We Are the Mighty

    “The Banality of Evil”: The Take-Down of Holocaust Mastermind Adolf Eichmann

    Secret agent Peter Malkin opens up about the capture that inspired the film Operation Finale.

    by Olivia Mason

    Night Witches: The Fierce, All-Female Soviet Fighter Pilots of WWII

    They flew their first mission in June 1942—and quickly developed a reputation for deadly precision.

    by Dave Adams

    This Soldier Took Out a Pillbox Using only One Small Bomb and a Combat Knife

    His heroic act silenced seven enemy machine guns and captured 25 German troops.

    by Logan Nye, We Are the Mighty

    Unbreakable: How Navajo Code Talkers Helped Win WWII

    A group of Navajo men came together in the 1940s to create an unbreakable military code.

    by Dave Adams

    Léo Major: The "One-Eyed Ghost" Who Single-Handedly Liberated a Dutch Town

    Major went above and beyond the call of duty in World War II and the Korean War.

    by Robert Walsh

    Anne Frank and Her Life in the Secret Annex

    A book published by the Anne Frank House profiles the Secret Annex—the Frank family's two-year hideout—and the famous diarist's life inside.

    by Olivia Mason

    That Time a WWII Bomber Pilot Climbed Onto the Wing Mid-Flight to Save His Crew

    His crew tied a rope around his chest and he made his way onto the wing to extinguish the blaze.

    by Blake Stilwell, We Are the Mighty

    Ruth Gruber: The Making of a Trailblazing Female Correspondent

    In Ahead of Time, Gruber reflects on the early years of her career, including the assignment that took her back to 1930s Germany.

    by Olivia Mason

    John Basilone: The Marine Hero of Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima

    Basilone's contributions to two of World War II's major battles left a larger-than-life legacy.

    by Robert Walsh

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