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History is waiting to be discovered.

Whether you’re searching for the best book recommendations or sifting through tales of the past, we’ve got all the history stories you need to satisfy your curiosity.


Commoners Revolted During the Moscow Salt Riot of 1648

Delve into this uprising of Russian commoners and the salt tax that ignited it.

The Complex History of Sportswashing 

Are international sporting events designed to draw attention away from controversial issues facing the world?

Catherine Parr Was King Henry VIII's Last Wife

She's the subject of a new historical film, Firebrand.

What Happened at Stonewall?

How an unremarkable bar became a historic LGBTQ+ landmark.  

How FDR Became the Only President Elected To Serve Four Terms

Why was Roosevelt allowed to remain in office for 12 years? 

8 Engrossing Books About Supreme Court Justices

Learn more about the people and decisions that made history.

8 Crucial Books on Human Rights

From the postwar years to today.

7 Early American Political Scandals 

Now little-known, these incidents once shocked voters.

17 Books That Offer Perspectives on the Presidents

Get a fresh take on the men who led—and currently lead—our country.

Explore the Tumult of Russia Through This Putin Biography

It sheds light on Russian history, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and more.

The Centuries-Long History of Striking in the U.S.

For hundreds of years, protests nationwide have fought passionately for workers’ rights. 

10 Fascinating Women's Suffrage Books

Learn more about this crucial step for women's rights. 

Prince Felix Yusupov, the Aristocrat Who Murdered Rasputin

He assassinated the mystic at an ostensible housewarming party.

17 Eye-Opening Books About John F. Kennedy

Closing the gap between fact and fiction.

What Is Guy Fawkes Night?

Remember, remember, the fifth of November...