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8 Riveting New History Books for Fall 2022

Be the first to watch history unfold with these insightful upcoming releases.

new history books fall 2022
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  • Photo Credit: "The Tudors in Love" by Sarah Gristwood

Release date: October 18th



By Irene Vallejo

Release date: October 18th

the escape artist

The Escape Artist

By Jonathan Freedland

Release date: October 25th

the revolutionary

The Revolutionary: Samuel Adams

By Stacy Schiff

Release date: November 1st

the last campaign

The Last Campaign

By H.W. Brands

Release date: November 1st

the rebel and the kingdom

The Rebel and the Kingdom

By Bradley Hope

Release date: November 1st

egypt's golden couple

Egypt's Golden Couple

By John Darnell

Release date: November 15th

silent spring revolution

Silent Spring Revolution

By Douglas Brinkley

Release date: December 13th

the tudors in love

The Tudors in Love

By Sarah Gristwood