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The Most Bizarre Historical Folk Remedies

Each of these so-called cures is stranger than the last.

  • Caricature of a headache, 1819.Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

1. Apply Mouse to Affected Area

Egypt, date unknown

2. Incinerated Dog Skull

England, c. 410 CE

3. Wart-Charmers

Just about anywhere, just about any time

4. Pricking a Tree

England, date unknown

5. Intercessions from the Dead

Wales, c. 15th - 16th centuries

6. Spider Web Pills

England, c. 1740s

7. Dirty Socks

England, c. 19th century

8. Chickens Can Cure Chicken Pox, Right?

United States, c. 1920s

9. Eel Skin

United States, c. 1920s