Logan Nye, We Are the Mighty

    Logan Nye is a writer for We Are the Mighty, a site by and for veterans.


    Reminder That The Nazis Made A Top General Kill Himself

    Even the 'Desert Fox' couldn't escape Hitler's wrath. 

    This Infantryman Posthumously Received the Medal of Honor

    Army Staff Sgt. Travis W. Atkins made the ultimate sacrifice to save his fellow troops. 

    The Man Who Took 42 Nazis Captive With A Longsword

    He didn't get the nickname "Mad Jack" Churchill for nothing. 

    James Hatch: The Heroic Navy SEAL Who Works to Save Military Dogs

    Meet the man who raises money to save military and police dogs.

    This Hershey Bar Was Custom-Built For World War II

    The chocolate bar that helped defeat the Nazis. 

    One Pilot, Two World Wars, And The Killing of King Kong

    Merian C. Cooper's spirit of adventure led him into two World Wars and Hollywood alike.

    The Crazy Story of the Only Underwater Sub Battle in History

    All the pieces fell into place for this rare historical event.

    That Time the Royal Navy Burned an American City to the Ground

    The fiery attack nearly burned the town to the ground—and stoked the flames of American rebellion.

    This Soldier Took Out a Pillbox Using only One Small Bomb and a Combat Knife

    His heroic act silenced seven enemy machine guns and captured 25 German troops.

    This World War I Legionnaire Wrote "I Have a Rendezvous with Death"

    Seeger's prophetic verse was published posthumously, after he fell at the Battle of the Somme. 

    That Time Los Angeles Fought off an Imaginary Japanese Bombing Raid

    They called it the "Battle of L.A." There was just one problem—the City of Angels wasn't under attack. 

    When Civil War Musicians Served as Battlefield Medics

    The life of a Civil War regimental band member wasn't all treble clefs and drumsticks.

    Moonshot: That Time American Intelligence Collected Soviet Communication Signals Via the Moon

    In 1960, a U-2 spy plane captured images of a massive and mysterious antenna in Soviet Russia...

    A Most Dangerous Humanitarian Mission: When Allied Pilots Dropped Food Into Nazi Occupied Territory

    The best planes for the job were bombers—aircraft that German artillery units fired upon at every opportunity.

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