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6 Times Superstitions Turned the Tide of Battle

These deeply held beliefs changed history.

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  • William Halsey Jr. in the South Pacific, May 1945.

1. Rudolf Hess’s failed diplomatic mission to England happened after a series of dreams.

rudolf hess
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  • Rudolf Hess in his cell at Nuremberg, November 1945.

    Photo Credit: Wikipedia

2. The feared Red Baron wouldn’t fly without his lucky scarf and jacket.

red baron
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  • Photo Credit: Wikipedia

3. American PSYOPS officers created vampires to vanquish communist rebels.

4. Grant’s superstitions led to victory.

ulysses s. grant
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  • Grant at the Battle of Cold Harbor, June 1864.

    Photo Credit: Wikipedia

5. British magician Jasper Maskelyne may have created a massive scarecrow to scare Italian peasants.

Jasper Maskelyne
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  • Jasper Maskelyne and his magic act crew, 1950.

    Photo Credit: Wikipedia

6. Adm. Halsey demanded his task force number and sailing date be changed because the number 13 is unlucky.

Task Force 16
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  • Task Force 16 in battle, 1942.

    Photo Credit: Wikipedia