We Asked Philosophical Library's Head to Share Her Take on the Best Philosophy Books

Regeen Kiernan Najar shares her essential philosophy picks with The Archive.

best philosophy book covers
Buy The Prince at Amazon

The Prince

By Niccolò Machiavelli

Buy Discourse on Method at Amazon

Discourse on Method

By René Descartes

Buy Classics in Chinese Philosophy at Amazon

Classics in Chinese Philosophy

By Wade Baskin

Buy The Problems of Philosophy at Amazon

The Problems of Philosophy

By Bertrand Russell

Buy The Emotions at Amazon

The Emotions

By Jean-Paul Sartre

Buy Great Philosophers Volume One at Amazon

Great Philosophers Volume One

By Baruch Spinoza, Bertrand Russell and Albert Schweitzer

Buy Great Philosophers Volume Two at Amazon

Great Philosophers Volume Two

By Alfred North Whitehead, Moses Maimonides and Bertrand Russell

Buy Principles of Cartesian Philosophy at Amazon

Principles of Cartesian Philosophy

By Baruch Spinoza