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Own a Piece of History With the Oldest Log Cabin in America

Live in the wonders of the past with this historic log cabin.

1638 loc cabin for sale
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Are you the kind of history buff that loves to completely immerse yourself in the treasures of the past? Then you won’t want to miss a look at the sale listing for the oldest log cabin in North America.

This New Jersey property is 1.3 acres with five buildings on the lot, including the historic C.A. Nothnagle log cabin built in 1638, as well as a modern 2-story adjacent home which was added in the 18th century. As the log cabin currently operates as a museum, many of the artifacts and antiques inside are a part of the sale. The listing price for this property is currently $875,000, making the sale of this incredible piece of history a remarkable deal, as the price dropped 70% from its $2.9 million dollar listing three years ago.

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Originally constructed as a part of the New Sweden Colony, this cabin was put together without the use of a single nail. The bricks used to build it were transported to America as ship ballast, and the square-cut logs that make up the walls have Finnish style double dovetailed ends. While in 1750 wood flooring was put in over the dirt ground, more recent work to the cabin has uncovered historic relics beneath the wood.

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The cabin's dimensions are an impressive 16' by 22', an indicator of wealth over the 12' by 12' cabins more typical of the time. Up until 1918, this cozy historical wonder was still being occupied as a residence. In 1922, it became officially designated as a historic property.

Just off of I-295, this historical steal is just waiting to share its glimpses into the past. Make 406 Swedesboro Road your home and you could be the next person to share insights into history with politicians, authors, archaeologists, and the average buff alike.

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Check out the listing on Realtor now, and imagine the life you could lead inside this historic home...

Featured photo via realtor.com