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8 Fascinating Facts to Know About the Wars of the Roses

We're taking a look at this series of influential English civil wars.

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  • Based on a scene in Shakespeare's 'Henry VI': "Plucking the Red and White Roses in the Old Temple Gardens" by Henry Payne.Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The name “Wars of the Roses” originates from the heraldic badges of the two feuding families.

wars of the roses facts
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  • Henry VII, who united the claims and restored power and stability to the English monarchy.

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King Henry VI’s reign was plagued by his mental illness.

The turncoat Warwick switched sides twice.

At the Battle of Mortimer’s Cross, Edward of York’s troops witnessed a rare meteorological phenomenon known as a parhelion.

Low visibility and similar house emblems caused fatal confusion at the Battle of Barnet.

wars of the roses facts
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Edward IV’s wife came from a family of lower social standing.

The ultimate fates of Edward V and his brother Richard of Shrewsbury are unknown.

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Two separate impostors with false claims to the crown appeared during Henry VII’s reign.