Celebrate History with 12 Days of Deals!

    The Archive is making holiday shopping easier than ever – and at the right price, too.

    We're counting down the holidays with discounts on the perfect book gifts for history lovers. From biographies and military fiction to bestsellers and American history, we've found the best books – at the right prices – to put on their e-readers.

    Each deal will be available for one day only, so check back each day from December 3–14 to catch all of these timeless titles on sale.

    12 Days of Deals - Editors' Picks

    On December 3, discover what The Archive's editors are giving – and reading – this holiday season. [EXPIRED]

    12 Days of Deals - Presidential Reading

    Day 2: Presidential Reading

    On December 4, choose from a selection of titles about America's most distinguished leaders. [EXPIRED]

    12 Days of Deals - Military History

    Day 3: Military History Books

    On December 5, read about famous battles waged on foreign shores. [EXPIRED]

    12 Days of Deals - World War II

    Day 4: Books About World War II

    On December 6, stock up on titles that delve into arguably the most famous war in history. [EXPIRED]

    12 Days of Deals - Through the Decades

    Day 5: Through the Decades

    On December 7, peruse a surprise selection of non-fiction books. [EXPIRED]

    12 Days of Deals - Bestselling Books

    Day 6: Bestselling Books

    On December 8, pick up a book that has hit the New York Times bestseller list. [EXPIRED]

    12 Days of Deals - Award Winning Authors

    Day 7: Books by Award-Winning Authors

    On December 9, choose from books written by brilliant, award-winning authors. [EXPIRED]

    12 Days of Deals - American History

    Day 8: American History

    On December 10, select a book that's ideal for students of American history. [EXPIRED]

    12 Days of Deals - Ereaders

    Day 9: E-Readers and Other Devices

    On December 11, purchase a new e-reader for yourself or a fellow book lover. [EXPIRED]

    12 Days of Deals - History Book Bundles

    Day 10: History Book Bundles

    On December 12, stock your digital bookshelves with long reads and historical series. [EXPIRED]

    12 Days of Deals - Biographies & Memoirs

    Day 11: Biographies & Memoirs

    On December 13, browse a list of life-changing biographies and memoirs that highlight the experiences of history's most interesting individuals. [EXPIRED]

    12 Days of Deals - For History Lovers

    Day 12: For History Lovers

    On December 14, peruse a surprise selection of non-fiction books.

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    Created on 03 Dec 2017

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