GIVEAWAY: Take a Ride Through American History with These Books!

    Enter for your chance to win five historical books and merchandise that will take you back through time.

    by The Archive Staff

    A Slave No More: Two Men Who Escaped to Freedom

    In David Blight's book, Wallace Turnage and John Washington recount their harrowing tales of escape from slavery.

    by Audrey Webster

    11 Best World War I Books

    Delve into the 'War to End All Wars.'

    by Dave Adams

    10 American Wars, One Book Each

    Revisit 10 major American wars with an illuminating read about each one.

    by Hezra Martinez

    9 Remarkable Books About the Great Depression

    Fascinating stories of courage, corruption, and change emerged from the darkest period of the 20th century.

    by Olivia Mason

    The 11 Best Autobiographies To Change Your View of History

    These unbelievable stories stretch beyond the pages of your average history book.

    by Sarah Mangiola

    10 Best History Books of 2018

    A surprisingly human history of corporations, a Korean War battle exploration, and more fascinating tales from the year that was. 

    by Dave Adams

    12 Books That Explore the History of World Religions

    Discover the history behind the religions that have shaped humanity.

    by Olivia Mason

    10 Survival Stories That Reveal the Power of the Human Spirit

    In the face of death, these ordinary citizens did extraordinary things.

    by Olivia Mason

    [CLOSED] GIVEAWAY: Enter to Win a U.S. History Book Bundle 

    From stories of the Civil War to a history lover's guide to the Big Apple, these books will keep you captivated.

    by The Archive Staff

    Portraits in History: The Best David McCullough Books

    Rediscover America through McCullough's most beloved works.

    by Dave Adams

    Shanghai 1937: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the New Documentary

    Inspired by Peter Harmsen’s New York Times-bestselling book, the new documentary looks at the beginning of World War II in China.

    by Bill Einreinhofer

    [CLOSED] GIVEAWAY: Enter to Win The First Conspiracy, by Brad Meltzer

    The bestselling author tells the story of a deadly plot that was hatched against George Washington. 

    by The Archive Staff

    The Best Free and Discount History Books to Download Now from Apple Books

    From a revealing biography of Joan of Arc to the harrowing account of America's worst naval disaster.

    by The Archive Staff

    Triumphs and Tribulations: 7 Books About Military Intelligence

    Exploring the ways in which military intelligence has prevailed…and failed. 

    by Sarah Mangiola

    FBI Surveillance: Why the Bureau Investigated Famous Writers

    James Baldwin, Ernest Hemingway, and other writers were investigated for everything from sympathy towards the Cuban Revolution to Communist Party ties. 

    by Sarah Mangiola

    7 Fun and Informative History Books for Kids

    Your tiny history buff will love these books about life in the past.

    by Jessica Ferri

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