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[CLOSED] GIVEAWAY: Win Two Intriguing Historical Crime Books

20 winners will receive In Search of the Blonde Tigress and Jukebox Empire.


*Editor's note: This giveaway has ended.

This month, we’ve partnered up with Rowman & Littlefield to bring you a giveaway that explores the darker side of history. In Search of the Blonde Tigress shares the untold true story of Eleanor Jarman, an ordinary woman caught up in a 1930s crime spree who later escaped prison to live on the lam for decades. Jukebox Empire winds from the casinos of Cuba to the banks of Europe to tell the story of the largest money laundering scheme in history. Enter your email address today for a chance to win both of these gripping books!

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About the Books


In Search of the Blonde Tigress

By Silvia Pettem

Beginning in 1933, Eleanor Jarman was sensationalized by the press as the "blonde tigress" and "the most dangerous woman alive." But a closer look at her life shows that she was an otherwise ordinary woman who got caught up in a Chicago crime spree, then was convicted as an accomplice to murder and sent to prison. In 1940, Eleanor escaped and managed to live out her life as, perhaps, America's longest-running female fugitive.

Following the murder of an elderly shopkeeper, readers are given a front-row seat for Eleanor's arrest, trial, conviction, and sentencing—all documented with recently unearthed primary-source police records, court transcripts, and prison files—and her subsequent prison years. Woven in are comparisons and contrasts between Eleanor's and her escape partner's criminal histories, as well as speculation on their lives on the lam. Whether Eleanor deserved her sentence, or whether it was too harsh, is left for the reader to decide.

In Search of the Blonde Tigress sets the mystery and intrigue of this wanted woman into historic context. It also includes her family's plea, in 1993, for Eleanor to come forward and apply for clemency. Most revealing at the time was Eleanor's alias. With that information (and considering that Eleanor, born in 1901, is certainly now deceased), Silvia Pettem documents her search for Eleanor's remains—right up to a visit to her likely grave.


Jukebox Empire

By David Rabinovitch

An aspiring tycoon partners with a racketeer to build a jukebox that makes millions, then takes the fall for the largest money laundering scheme in history.

Caught between the Mob and the feds in a plot to save the casinos in Havana from Castro’s revolution, Wolfe Rabin pulls the biggest money-laundering scheme in history, but his hubris leads to the conspiracy unraveling in a sensational trial. At a time when there was a jukebox in every restaurant, diner, bar, barracks, arcade, and canteen, Rabin’s trajectory from inventor to promoter to outlaw is set against the Mob’s growing infiltration of the jukebox industry. In a world of music, machines, and money, popular culture and organized crime collide in an epic drama of invention and greed. David Rabinovitch’s investigation into his own family history pieces together an epic puzzle that begins in Chicago with the invention of a jukebox and spans the casinos of Havana and the financial giants of Europe, leading to what the FBI called “the biggest bank robbery in the world.”


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Note: The sweepstakes is open to all legal residents of the 50 United States and Washington, DC who are 18 years of age and older by October 20, 2023.