Scientific Analysis Reveals the 10 Best Generals of All Time

    What happens when you apply baseball's sabermetrics to history's greatest generals? Read this list to find out. 

    by Blake Stilwell, We Are the Mighty

    11 Best World War I Books

    Delve into the 'War to End All Wars.'

    by Dave Adams

    The British Soldier Who Escaped from Dunkirk by Stealing a Car

    James May and six of his fellow soldiers were left behind on the dangerous beaches of Dunkirk.

    by Blake Stilwell, We Are the Mighty

    Triumphs and Tribulations: 7 Books About Military Intelligence

    Exploring the ways in which military intelligence has prevailed…and failed. 

    by Sarah Mangiola

    This Soldier Took Out a Pillbox Using only One Small Bomb and a Combat Knife

    His heroic act silenced seven enemy machine guns and captured 25 German troops.

    by Logan Nye, We Are the Mighty

    10 Dramatic Battles in American History

    From the Battle of Gettysburg to the Second Battle of Fallujah, these conflicts will never be forgotten. 

    by Shannon Corbeil, We Are the Mighty

    365 Days: Ronald Glasser’s Moving Account of the Vietnam War

    The American doctor was a beacon of hope for the soldiers he treated during his tour of duty.

    by Allison Wild

    A Soldier’s Story: 7 War Books Told by Those Who Were There

    We’re honoring America’s heroes with books that reveal what it's like to be in war.

    by Sarah Mangiola

    13 Epic Battles That Changed the World

    These momentous clashes toppled empires, ended conflicts, and changed history.

    by Orrin Grey

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