"Villainous Perfidy": Benedict Arnold's Betrayal of George Washington

    James Thomas Flexner examines how Benedict Arnold's defection shaped George Washington's future.

    by Olivia Mason

    The Culper Ring: The Revolutionary Spies Who Helped Win the War

    George Washington relied on the secretive spy ring to win the American Revolution.

    by Robert Walsh

    10 Revealing Revolutionary War Books 

    These riveting reads offer fresh insight into America's fight for independence.

    by Matthew Thompson

    [CLOSED] GIVEAWAY: Enter to Win The First Conspiracy, by Brad Meltzer

    The bestselling author tells the story of a deadly plot that was hatched against George Washington. 

    by The Archive Staff

    7 of the Best American History Books

    Celebrate the red, white, and blue by remembering the history of those who came before us. 

    by Stephen Lovely

    The Earliest-Born American to Be Photographed Is Also a Veteran

    In 1852, at age 103, Revolutionary War veteran Conrad Heyer sat down to have his picture taken. 

    by Blake Stilwell, We Are the Mighty

    George Washington Was Nearly Impossible to Kill

    Diseases, brutal weather, and enemy fire all failed to take him down.

    by Blake Stilwell, We Are the Mighty

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