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Day 12: Unbeatable Deals on History Reads

Uncover a surprise selection of nonfiction book deals.

Day 11: Must-Read Biographies and Memoirs

Take an intimate look at famous figures throughout history.

Day 10: History Bundles

Take an in-depth journey to the past.

Day 9: E-readers and More

Find a new e-reader for yourself or a fellow book lover.

Day 8: American History Books

America's past comes to life in these must-read books.

Day 7: Books by Award-Winning Authors

Today we're toasting history's greatest scribes with a sale on books by award-winning authors.

Day 6: Bestselling History Books

They've already hit the bestseller list; it's time to add these must-read history titles to your personal library.

Day 5: Through the Decades

A surprise selection of non-fiction book deals that amplify history.

Day 4: Word War II History

These World War II book deals are worth fighting for.

Day 3: Military History Books

These books pay tribute to the soldiers who risked their lives–and shed light on battles both lost and won.

Day 2: Presidential Books

These book deals cover some of the most fascinating accounts of American presidents – from JFK to George W. Bush.

Celebrate History with 12 Days of Deals!

The Archive is making holiday shopping easier than ever – and at the right price, too.

Day 1: Editors' Picks

The Archive's editors share what they're giving – and reading – this holiday season.

Submit Your Writing to The Archive!

Great news, history lovers: We're looking for your original stories of little-known facts.

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